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This watch has great pints, supports temperature detection, and is extremely accurate! Checked my own pulse, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and compared with this watch and the results were very similar, good enough for me! The shipping speed was beyond my expectations. I would call it the most perfect shopping experience! I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves smartwatches! I am quite satisfied after purchasing. The shape and appearance are very beautiful. The accessories are exquisite and the strap is very beautiful.

Gary P. Young
Hardesty StreetAlbany, NY

The watch ⌚️ is very good. It looks very beautiful. After trying it, there is not much difference between the value and the hospital test value. It has many functions, is very practical, and has a long-lasting battery. Easy to operate, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at.

Robert C. Guarino
Kinney StreetPittsfield, MA

We started to test it. The measured value is the same as my arm sphygmomanometer and finger sphygmomanometer. In addition, the blood glucose test is perfect, which can detect blood glucose without blood, which is very safe for me. I also noticed the difference with the medical measurement method. After a few days of use, I made the last comment on daily use, recommending sellers and products.

Duane V. Taylor
Nelm StreetSaint Louis, MO

The packaging is very good. As mentioned above, this watch is very beautiful. I used home medical equipment to compare the measurement results of blood lipids, uric acid, blood sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate, and the results were completely consistent. The seller is also very responsive and willing to help others. Therefore I highly recommend this store, this product and this seller

Steve M. Thomson
Watson StreetPleasantville, NJ

I am a medical professional and checked my own pulse, BP, and SpO2 so that it can be compared to this watch - very similar results which is good enough for me! Overall, I absolutely love my watch. I was worried about the screen scratching easily but so far not a single scratch even while working out and treating patients it! I wipe it clean with an alcohol wipe and no damage whatsoever. I highly recommend this watch for an affordable alternative to the more expensive brand-name watches.

Patrick A. Shepler
 Nixon AvenueEtowah, TN

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LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone
LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone
LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone
LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone
LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone
LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone

LIGE Smartwatch 2023 for Woman Smart Watches Women Rose Gold Wrist Watch I68 Bluetooth Call Fitness Watch for Android iOS iPhone

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1. Step counting function: The smartwatch can automatically record your steps, distance, and calorie consumption, helping you better understand your exercise volume.

2. Heart rate monitoring: The smartwatch can monitor your heart rate changes in real-time, allowing you to better understand your physical condition and avoid unnecessary health risks.

3. Sleep monitoring: The smartwatch can monitor your sleep quality, such as sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, etc., to help you better understand your sleep status and adjust your sleep habits.

4. Sports mode: The smart watch has multiple built-in sports modes, such as running, cycling, swimming, etc., to help you better record your sports data and make your exercise more scientific and effective.

5. Notification reminder: The smartwatch can connect to your phone and display real-time notifications such as SMS, phone, WeChat, etc., so that you don't miss any important information.


Compatible System: IOS / Android System
APP: Fitcloudpro
Andiord System: Support Android 5.0 and Above
IOS System: Support Apple IOS 10.0 and Above
Bluetooth: BT 5.1
Screen Size: 1.83 Inches
Screen Resolution: 240*284
Screen Type: AMOLED Full Viewing Angle Color Screen
Wristband Material: Silicone Strap, Mesh Strap, Steel Strap
Battery Capacity: 250mAh
Charging Method: Magnetic Suction Charging

Smartwatch Languages

Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Croatian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch, Indonesia, Malaysia, Finnish, Greek, Romanian

Package Included

Host, Charger, Wrist Strap, Manual, Box

After receiving the watch, please charge it first. Due to long-term logistics, the watch battery is low. Please scan the QR code on the manual to download the APP before use, and connect the watch through the APP.

Product Details

Why do we need to have a Smartwatch?

Are you tired of constantly checking your phone for notifications and messages?

Do you want to stay connected without having to constantly reach for your phone?

If so, it's time to consider investing in a smartwatch.

Here are just a few reasons why a smartwatch may be the perfect addition to your life:

1.Stay connected on the go: With a smartwatch, you can receive notifications and messages without having to pull out your phone. This is particularly useful when you're in a meeting, driving, or exercising.

2.Keep track of your fitness goals: Many smartwatches come equipped with fitness tracking features, such as heart rate monitors and step counters. This can help you stay motivated and track your progress towards your fitness goals.

3.Stay organized: Many smartwatches come with calendars and to-do lists to help keep you on track throughout the day. This can help you stay organized and increase your productivity.

4.Express your personal style: Smartwatches come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to express your personal style and make a fashion statement.

5.We understand that our customers have busy lives and the products we sell require that can keep up with their active lifestyle.

6.With advanced health tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, step counting, and calorie tracking, our Smartwatch helps you stay on top of your fitness goals. You can also track your outdoor activities with GPS tracking, ensuring that you stay safe and on the right path.

7.Our Smartwatch is more than just a fitness tracker. Stay connected with your world with our messaging and notification features. Receive calls, texts, and social media notifications directly on your wrist. Our Smartwatch also includes a music player and voice control, so you can easily manage your entertainment on-the-go.

8.We know that our customers value compatibility and convenience. That's why our Smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it an ideal choice for all smartphone users. Plus, with a long battery life and water-resistant design, you can wear our Smartwatch anywhere, anytime.

9.We are always striving to provide our customers with the best technology possible. With our Smartwatch, you can experience the future of wearable technology and take the first step towards a smarter, more connected lifestyle.

A smart watch is not only a smart wearable device, but also a fashionable accessory. The smart watch, with its simple and fashionable design style, allows you to reflect your personality and taste in addition to work and life.

1.Simple and fashionable appearance: The smartwatch adopts a simple and fashionable design style, with the dial, material, color, and other elements reflecting a sense of fashion and taste, allowing you to meet practicality while showcasing your unique style when wearing it.

2.Colorful color selection: The smartwatch offers a variety of color choices, which can be paired according to different occasions and moods, making your outfit more fashionable and personalized.

3.Comfortable wearing experience: The smartwatch adopts comfortable wearing materials, making you feel comfortable and natural when wearing, without causing any discomfort to your skin.

4.Matching with fashion: Smart watches can not only be paired with sportswear, casual wear, etc., but also with formal and evening dresses, allowing you to showcase your fashion taste in different occasions.

5.Unique Brand Culture: The brand culture of smart watches is unique, representing a concept of fashion, quality, and innovation, making you a member of the fashion trend.

Applicable Scenarios:

1. Workplace: In the workplace, smart watches can remind you of your schedule, important meetings, work tasks, etc., making your work more efficient and accurate.

2. Sports occasions: In sports occasions, a smart watch can monitor your exercise data, such as step count, distance, calorie consumption, etc., to help you better control your exercise status.

3. Travel occasions: In travel occasions, smart watches can remind you of information such as flights, hotels, and attractions, making your travel more convenient and smooth.

4. Social occasions: In social occasions, smartwatches can receive messages, phone calls, WeChat, and other reminders, allowing you to stay up-to-date with the latest social updates at any time.

5. Family occasions: In family occasions, smart watches can remind you of family tasks, safety issues, and help you better manage your family.

FQA for Smartwatch Fitness Tracker >>

Q:Why is the blood pressure value deviated from the sphygmomanometer?
A:The deviation between the measurement value of the watch and the sphygmomanometer is determined by a variety of factors. The measurement site of the sphygmomanometer is in the radial artery, and the measurement site of the watch is the two main branches of the arteriole. Normal, the aortic blood pressure measurement and the arteriole Blood pressure measurements will vary by three to forty; if you use a watch and a sphygmomanometer to measure at the same time, because the blood flows in the artery in the direction of the centrifuge, the sphygmomanometer measures the straps so that the lower part of your elbow is under pressure. Temporary blood cannot ?ow smoothly to the branch of the artery below, and the vascular tension is increased, which will make the upper and lower blood pressure measurement values more biased.

Q:Why can't the watch receive the message push?
A:Android phone settings
1. Confirm that the message push switch is enabled on the mobile client.
2. The confirmation message can be displayed normally in the mobile phone prompt bar. The watch message push is pushed by reading the mobile phone prompt bar message; if there is no message in the mobile phone prompt bar, the watch will not be able to receive the push(Need to set prompts in phone settings, open WeChat, QQ phone, SMS, prompt button of mobile client)
3. Open the auxiliary function settings of the wristband client(see the auxiliary function in the settings on the phone, and open the auxiliary function settings of the wristband client)
B:Apple phone settings:
1. Confirm that the message push switch is enabled on the mobile client.
2. The confirmation message can be displayed normally in the mobile phone notification bar(Need to click on notification settings in mobile settings, open WeChat, QQ phone, SMS, mobile phone client notification switch)

Q:Why does the pedometer not count steps when I have already started walking?
A:To reduce errors, smart watch usually sets an initial value of 10, it will count steps when we walk more than 10 steps. The APP will show the real walking steps and start counting from step 10.

Q:What application is used when connecting to a smart phone?
A:App is "Fitcloudpro",The app is designed by the supplier. You can scan the QR code on the package or manual to download it when you get the item.

Q:Why the device cannot boot or start up properly?
A:Please charge your new device for at least 10 minutes or more before the first usage, this ensures normal device boot and optimal operation. For devices with removable batteries, ensure they are properly installed before charging.

Q: Can not find device when pairing device?
A:Please make sure the distance between phone and device less than 0.5m.
Please make sure the device is not under low battery. if there is still problem after 1.5 hours charging,Please contact us.

Q:Can not to connect device to application?
A:Some smart phone bluetooth service will be abnormal when reboot.Please reboot the smart phone for pairing device.

Q:Why the android mobile disconnect?
A:Android mobile phone system memory management will be forced to turn off the background app,you need to turn off the power saving mode or pull the app into the system housekeeping green background inside,app will not be forced to close.app must be running in the background. Bluetooth will not automatically disconnect.

Q: Why couldn’t I connect the Bluetooth?
A: 1. Please download the app firstly
2. Search Bluetooth name on your APP and then connect it.
3. You can see request to connect on the phone, click “pair.
If you had connected the Bluetooth before, please clear all your phone's Bluetooth devices.

Q:Is the watch waterproof?
A:It's splash-proof and sweat-proof, so it is ok while you are doing sports . But you can’t swim with it.

(Please note: it does not support the brewing hot water, hot bath, and water vapor. Please avoid using and storing the device at the place of high temperature & high humidity.)

Although the bracelet can monitor your heart rate, it cannot be used for any medical purpose,it is only to help people live a healthier life.All measurements results are for reference only.They are based on scientific algorithms and sensors.So please don't compare them to medical devices,we appreciate your understanding.

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